Ready to cook, ready to eat, ready to serve!

Authentic herbs & spices are used to maximize the taste and flavors.
*No preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours!!

basil pesto.webp

Basil Pesto with SesameRm13.80/can

spicy mushroom mincepastewebp.webp

Spicy Mushroom Mince Paste

marinated mushroom.webp

Marinated Mushroom

Pure Black Pepper Powder
Rm 5 /can

tomyum paste.webp

Tom Yum Paste

spicy sambal.webp

Traditional Spicy Sambal
Rm10 /can

Black pepper Sauce.webp

Black Pepper Sauce
Rm 9.5 /btl

soya sauce.jpg
Instant Vegetarian Curry Sauce.jpg

Instant Vegetarian Curry Sauce
Rm 9 /pkt

Sunfield Eco Farm's
Soy Sauce (3 Years) Rm33.5/btl

Herbs & Spices.jpg

Herbs & Spices Soup
Rm 11.3 /pkt

sambal pickled white radish.jpg

Sambal Pickled White Radish
Rm 10 /pkt


Rm 10 /pkt